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Up To Date…

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…a few varied pics of fun stuff that I’ve got under way in the last couple of weeks:


…I have been reminded of just how lucky and blessed I am to have a job I love that brings me into contact with some wonderful, funny, creative, challenging people and I wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge Thank You to Jake, Michelle and my fabulous customers whose support makes (almost!) every day a joy.


Steve’s Sleeve…

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moved onto Steve’s forearm today:


…his eternal knot mandala seemed to take forever, mwahahahaha!!!

To Those Who May Be Confused…

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…This is Liberty’s…


…this is Selsey Tattoo Studio:

We aim to provide unique, individual tattoos in a professional, relaxed and fun environment, for discerning clients…Those of you seeking to take liberty’s please don’t come to us, thank you.