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Trudy Session 2…

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…added a couple of mandala’s to Trudy’s half sleeve today:

Trudy session 2

P1050608…a great way to spend the morning and exciting ideas for making into full sleeve. Thank you Trudy !!


Many Mandalas on Monday!…

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…I’m going to have to do some more drawing…. Darryl came in today and had all the mandalas!!:






…it’s black and red, it’s dotwork, it’s a customer who sits like a rock for 8 hours with not a word of complaint, it’s the perfect start to the week!! (It’s unfinished, but it’s time to sit in a darkened corner for a bit!!).

Thank you for a REALLY great day my man!!

Mandala Sleeve 3…

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Back In Black (and Red!!)…

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…made some time to catch up on a bit of own my drawing this week. Felt great to be creating in black and red!:

P1050046…Mandala sleeve 1…

P1050047…Mandala sleeve 2…

P1050054…Angela’s long awaited Heart Transplant piece (thank you for your patience Ange…look forward to putting this on skin!!). ¬†Will definitely make efforts to get more black and red stuff created soon!

Back To The Drawing Board…

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…finished a few new Mandalas this week, ta da!!:…





…look forward to tattooing these on anyone interested!!


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Despite the miserable, damp weather there were a couple of rays of sunshine today:

…extended Simon’s dragon down his arm, grrrrrr!!…















…the fabulous Bev was in for more colourful dotty mandala-workage. Thank you, as always, Bevulous for the fun and laughter (and for the bag of choco goodies!!). Very excited about champagne pin up, Woo Hoo!!




Thigh-ami Ink!!

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Doh, it’s been a long week! Crap puns aside I finished on a thigh note (sorry!) with some more mandalas on the always entertaining Sheree…

…2 more for the growing collection…

…loving the way they are coming together!!