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Putting Your Heart Into It…

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2 weeks off relaxing and recharging my batteries, had a great return to work today finishing off Ange’s mechanical heart:



And So It Begins…

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…made an exciting start to Declan’s sleeve of skulls:

Declan Skull Sleeve

…really good fun and loads still to look forward to, hooray!!

Exercising Your Rights!!…

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…many good people have fought and died for us to have the freedoms that we enjoy today, choosing not to exercise those rights seems like an willingness to accept dictatorship, so don’t be surprised or upset when your other rights are taken away too!!

I’ll get down off my soap box now and get back to drawing!!

Reece’s Peece’s…

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…upper arm skulls, butterflies and stuff all joined up around Reece’s upper arm, better pics to follow when all healed up:

Reece upper sleeve

Up To Date…

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…a few varied pics of fun stuff that I’ve got under way in the last couple of weeks:


…I have been reminded of just how lucky and blessed I am to have a job I love that brings me into contact with some wonderful, funny, creative, challenging people and I wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge Thank You to Jake, Michelle and my fabulous customers whose support makes (almost!) every day a joy.

More ways to keep up…

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Been really busy tattooing, drawing and with life in general…for another chance to keep up with goings on in Rob G World why not check me out on Instagram:

Trudy Session 2…

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…added a couple of mandala’s to Trudy’s half sleeve today:

Trudy session 2

P1050608…a great way to spend the morning and exciting ideas for making into full sleeve. Thank you Trudy !!