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Back To The Drawing Board…

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…finished a few new Mandalas this week, ta da!!:…





…look forward to tattooing these on anyone interested!!


The Reason You Go To A Professional…

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…if the threat of A.I.D.S, Hepatitis or septicaemia weren’t enough to deter you from going to a backstreet tattooist or “letting me mate ‘ave a go”, you may end up getting stuck with of work of art like this beauty:

P1040845P1040846…stuff like this reminds me what a privilege it is to have my customers trust in changing their bodies (for the better!) permanently and how sad it is that there are people out there who will abuse that trust in such ugly ways.


Farewell Tribal Band!…

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…finished stage 1 of getting rid of Paul’s tribal band today (unfortunately, as I’ve proved before, I’m an idiot because I didn’t take a “Before” photo, dammit!!)… P1040838P1040839P1040841P1040840

…next stage is some background to turn it into a half sleeve and leave that band just a bad memory!!

Tom’s Journey (Step 1)…

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Tom had some work underway by another tattooist, who then mysteriously disappeared, leaving him with an incomplete arm. It was my pleasure to be able to start the process of creating a Japanese sleeve of wonder with him!!…




…still a way to go before we reach our destination (shading, background and snazzy colour), but every journey starts with just one step! Thank you for today Tom it was great fun and I look forward to step 2!!

Gently Does It…

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Eased back into work this week after a very relaxing holiday…


…Charlie’s dandelion…


…Lacey’s neck mandala! A very nice Welcome Back, no doubt more havoc awaits!!