Before and After…erm?!…

Bum! I’ve only got the “After” shots of Karen’s cover up of her old panther tattoo so no way of comparing…(I’m an idiot!) hey ho!:

Hopefully it just works as a nice piece in itself?! Brilliantly sat Karen, once you’d figured how to use the door!!

(A huge “Thank You” to Wes too for the mountain of yummy choc, totally unexpected and very welcome!)


3 Responses to “Before and After…erm?!…”

  1. I’m ancient doors confuse me, lol, i’ll dig out the before pic and the collage and email them to you, ive tweaked it so the colours really pop!

  2. Brilliant! Well done you. Look forward to seeing the “tweaked” pics!

  3. Very nice work, looks very good

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