Knight Rider…

 …a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist…
Stage 1 of the KITT customisation job complete!


4 Responses to “Knight Rider…”

  1. ange rowland Says:

    gutted i thought he was real

  2. Hey Rob (is it Rob?)

    I just wanted to say I’m very flattered that you tattooed my artwork from my book, The Knight Rider Companion on someone’s skin! I mean wow, talk about making a real difference right? Do you have any updates on this piece? Can you tell me who had it done? Love to find out more. Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Nick!
      Glad you liked the piece…I really hope I did it justice! This was done on a customer who has built a replica KITT that he takes to car shows around the UK.
      He brought the image in, the tattoo was done and I haven’t seen him since, so no updates I’m afraid!!
      It was great fun to do and thank you for the artwork, it is perfect to work from (sorry I didn’t get a chance to get your permission beforehand)

      • No worries about permission, I’m flattered that my artwork can appear on someone’s skin =o)

        You did a fantastic job capturing those lines too. Keep up the great work!

        Author/Designer of The Knight Rider Companion

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