Sacre Bleu, Zut Alors etc etc

Had a FABULOUS time en France, it was only a flying visit: Friday night to lunch time Sunday but we packed a whole heap in. Saw some beautiful sights, got inspired by some different culture and had a lovely time together…

…Get an Eiffel of THAT (ho ho!)…

…i have a HUNCH you know where this is(ha ha!)…

…going Underground…

…er, not all culturally refined then!…(more fab looking stuff to follow)…

Went to the Paris Art Fest and saw all manner of brilliant talented tattooists showing their skills (check out some new links to Sanhugi, INCREDIBLE massive black and grey backpiece work, Aga Mlotkowska from mosquitotattoo and her stunning graphic style) and was very lucky (and selfish!) cos i was able to get my hand tatooed…

…some mind-blowing, hand drawn, hand-poked work by the gentle, laid-back stylings of…

…Flying Swastika!

Really want to get back to Paris soon to do some more exploring.


2 Responses to “Sacre Bleu, Zut Alors etc etc”

  1. I want to wank @ phone in paris. Rob is alegend. we love you so much.

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