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Tres Continental!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 30, 2011 by Rob G

3 young German ladies bunked off from an educational tour of historic sights in Selsey to get tattooed instead! Good work, that’s the sort of cultural exchange we like to see!!

Spot the difference between me and Kenny…i know, i know it’s like looking at twins!!


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Had a visit today from the guys from “Shape” magazine to do an article about how wonderful Plenty is for use in tattooing! Had a good laugh with Tim and Svante, but couldn’t persuade either of them to get any ink, maybe next time!!

All eyes on Kenny!

I’ll get one done if you get one, Tim! Go on, i dare ya!

That’s great, hold that pose for me. Sante!!

Look forward to seeing the finished article in September time, yippee!

Meet my mate Annie

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This is my mate Annie, AnnieMick…

Some people think she looks unwell, but she looks allwhite to me! (Oh dear!)

Starting to get geared up for the exhibition. August Bank Holiday weekend as part of the Selsey Carnival we will be exhibiting some of our creativity. The theme this year is “The East”…Annie will be making a guest appearance, but may be looking a little transformed by then!






Third generation cover up!

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Trace on, ready to cover up the cover up of the cover up!

Ta da! All gone!

Yup, cheers Kresta! Really well sat and here’s to liking yer arm again!







Geometry everywhere…on drain covers!

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Busy, busy day, lots of nice new people to hurt, but this was my favourite, had forgotten Gary was coming in so came as a lovely surprise:

  And here’s a picture of the Hemulin, just because it makes me smile!

Different day, different Lee, more Thick Black Lines…

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Having a rainy, dull day, couple of “no shows”, bit bored and downcast when…a little ray of sunshine broke through the clouds:

 Lee arrived for step 1 of his Pacific Isle-style-sleevey-re-work (It’s not finished yet but Ihad so much fun starting it off I wanted to put a piccy up!)